Nail enhancements


I believe in… strong healthy nails..


The best thing for the natural nail is a highly skilled, educated and conscientious nail professional who understands how to properly apply and maintain clients nail enhancements.


We perform brisa gel, liquid & powder and natural nail services. We will assess your lifestyle, activity level and nail condition to develop your custom service and product recommendation.


Extensions • £57

(for those of us that want instant length & strength) 


Overlays • £44

(for those of us needing that bit of extra strength over our own nails) 


Rebalance • £44                    

As your nail grows the balance goes!! 

A rebalance is our method of maintaining the beauty and toughness of your enhancements whilst your natural nails grow.  Proper rebalancing every 2 - 3 weeks protects the health of your natural nails, and isn’t that our most important goal?


Removal • from £17

The cool thing about CND nails is that they allow your natural nails to happily and healthily grow beneath the enhancement coating.  If you fancy wearing your own nails naturally, then the Soak-Off & Manicure is perfect for you.


extras for your perfect nail treats;  

nail repair £5.70   




"Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle"

- Marilyn Munro